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Bad to Better the Final Perfect Sided Box

“The one who tries to catch the Moon by jumping up has more chance to reach the Moon than the one who just sits and does nothing to reach it because all targets require action.”

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Hi everyone, after our trials we met with many loss and in this order we don’t know how much loss will come for us. The client has given mounting sheet for printing with two different designs. 1 sheet will come for wrapping 2 boxes. As of now, we have sheets four times more than our requirement.

So, this task has to be managed. As our client asked us our ISO certification, we showed him our framed ISO certificate. On showing it to our client, we got an idea on seeing the frame. The cut made in the frame, its finishing. Yaa, we hope for the best and decided to cut the frame in the furniture shop itself.


I took all the MDF sheets in the car and rushing fast to the carpenter shop for cutting purpose.

All the sheets are cut and now it is ready for molding. The cut sheets are taken to the molding shop. We got one information from the molding shop that ‘mm’ thickness of the sheet accounts for perfect molding.

Finally, we achieved our goal and the box is molded.

All the sheets are cut, one more sheet is required for cutting. So, I took that sheet also and going to the shop.

They charged 7000/- rupees for cutting. Even though the cut frames are very small in size, the cutting charge is more. Its quite costly. We had cut this in “HI-TECH furniture shop, Chithode, Erode Dt, Contact number – 9943393549. If we get more orders and if this business progress, I should get the cutting machine of my own and a separate table to carry out the work. As all the business has some loss, our loss has crossed 10,000/- rupees.

All the cut frames are taken back to the company for making boxes. The frames are

mounted over the sticker and folded to make box.

Finally we had succeeded in our goal. Follow this in your each try, “ First reach your target in your mind, then reaching your target in reality will just be a formality”. To say something great, you must first stop trying to say something great! Sometimes struggling is an obstacle to reach the target! Flow like a river, calmly, naturally, enjoying the present moment, without thinking of the ocean and finally you will be there!


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