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Balance The Temperature Of Soap

Hi! Everyone, I have been indulge myself in soap making for the past few years. I have come out with many pros and cons which gives us many experience. Thus I learnt many innovative ideas to come out of the problems faced during soaping. One such factor is the “temperature”.

Well, come on lets see what are all the questions that comes to soap makers related to temperature.

· What should be the temperature of lye solution while mixing it with oils?

· How does the temperature of lye water affects the saponification process of the soap?

· Whether the additives added should be too cold or too hot?

It’s quite good to get all these questions. The solution for all these questions will come out with a new innovative ideas.

In general, when we mix oil with caustic soda (Lye) we get soap. While mixing, temperature of lye increases a little and then decreases gradually.

The temperature of both oil and lye solution should be the same. If same temperature is not maintained, soap will not be formed perfectly. Oil that is mixed will be separated as a single layer above the soap. So once for all what we have to keep in mind is that the temperature has to be the same and it has to be maintained too with the help of a thermometer.

When any additives like butter, fragrance or essential oils are added there should be variation in the temperature.

For example.,

What has to be done when butter is added?

As we all very well know butter is having a hard texture. So, it has to be heated to a particular temperature. Measure the temperature of the heated butter using a thermometer. As the butter is heated, now heat both the oil and lye solution to the same temperature and mix the contents. Keep in mind the temperature of oil, lye and butter should be same.

Don’t get confused with high temperature hot process or cold temperature process soaps. All that we have to keep in mind is that the temperature should be the same throughout the process.

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