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In general, everyone will be excited and very much interested to learn or do something new. In that way, soap making is similar to cooking in the kitchen. In the kitchen, all the ingredients has to be measured exactly, mixed and cooked properly. In the same way, for soap making also we have to follow the something.

Soap making is an art which is filled with creative and funny ideas outbreak.Once you learn how to make soap, you can begin experimenting with your own ideas. Before jumping into soap making, everyone should clearly know how soaps are formed. The protocol for soap making should be framed and all the requirements has to be ready. The protocol for different types of soap, cream, lotion are explained experimentally in the form of video in our you tube channel

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For beginners, out of my experience my opinion is that don’t go and waste money in buying the kit. As the kit is readily available in your kitchen itself. Why we want to search for the kit in the market.

The beautiful kit is the stainless steel utensils which can be used as equipment for accomplishing soap making art. Even small plastic buckets can be used for mixing purposes. Ice trays can also be used as mold. So like this you can open up with your vast ideas and prepare soap in your house itself.


The basic raw materials that is required for soap making includes a base that is NaOH [caustic soda or sodium hydroxide or lye] and an oil (coconut or olive or palm oil).

Base + oil à soap + glycerin

The (Base) sodium hydroxide can be purchased in any scientific company or stores. Any cold pressed oil can be used which is available in the market. If you want to get it at your doorstep, you can visit our website and can order your requirements. We have all the raw materials needed for cosmetic product preparation.

For 1200g of soap preparation, 1 kg of sodium hydroxide is enough. Additional, 50 ml of fragrance can also be purchased and mixed in the soap solution. This gives rich aroma to the soap. 12 soaps each weighing 100g in a single batch can be prepared easily as your initial move. Keep trying out with innovative ideas and prove your excellency in the field of soap making.


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