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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

“Soap is to the body what laughter is to the Soul”

Soap making is similar to cooking or baking. As all ingredients has to be added in accurate quantity for a good recipe to smell good. It is the same case in soap making too. Are the ingredients has to be measured in correct proportion and blended properly.

After removing cold process soap from the mold, it has to be allowed for curing. The soap are cut and arranged in coated metal racks for continuous air supply. When it is exposed to air, the water in the soap gets evaporated and dry soap is obtained after 4 to 6 weeks. This process is called curing. This curing is the final step in soap making.

One of our subscriber has a doubt regarding curing process. Watch out this video by just clicking on the link Video Format


Generally a soap making requires 30-40 days for curing process. But in one of the video you had told that 7 days of curing is enough. If this is possible, we don’t want to wait for 40 days to dispatch our orders. As of now, I have an order. So, can you tell me how curing can happen within 7 days?


No, 7 days of curing is not enough for soaping. It is impossible for a perfect finishing also. For order all, 40 days of curing is highly mandatory and essential for good result. My statement in the video is that you can try out an experiment for yourself and perform a research whether after 7 days of curing, it can be used or not. This should not be opted for other orders.

Follow the instruction as per the soap making protocol and clarify your doubts then and there in this manner.

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