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Don't Fall Into The Spam Trap

You may wonder on seeing the title as it is irrelevant to our blog. At the end, you may know its importance. Let’s see what is spam. Spam message means“unsolicited and bulk message”. In simple words, the message that is sent repeatedly to a client which irritates them is called as a spam message.

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Generally messages are sent to increase marketing. Same messages should not be forwarded at all the time. Format and content should vary. The main aspect that has to be considered is to see from the receiver end. That is how the receiver feels from his end, when he reads the message. If we send the same message daily, he gets irritated and never responds to it.

So, keep in mind that the message that we send should be a solution to the receivers problem or it should be an idea/tips to improve his business.

Normally many of us used to send Good morning, Diwali wish, New year wish etc., All these messages are considered to be spam. It doesn’t mean that we should not wish. This wish should be in a different way and the message should be with an innovative idea and not as usual.

Please do follow the two don’ts,

a) Don’t be an customer for spam.

b) Don’t send spam message too.

As of now with people always on their phones, text messages are the easiest way to engage customers quickly. It’s simple, fast and is the most efficient form of customer communication. Avoid lengthy, detailed messages that will not directly address a customer’s wants. Instead use text messages which easily reach out the customers need and thus marketing develops.

“Happy and prosperous messaging”

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