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Leverage Everything Google Gave The Answer!

“Enquiry” or “Inquiry” both means the same. It is an act of asking questions for

information. An enquiry is any process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt or solving a problem.

The purpose of enquiry is to reduce doubt and lead to a state of belief. This state is usually said to be as state of knowledge what we get as an end result of enquiry. In other words, a request for information about somebody or something. You may all wonder that why I am talking about enquiry. One of our customers has placed an order for making cardboard boxes for giving as a gift.

The order has been placed two days back itself for which I had started my enquiry related to MDF board or MDF sheet. Before going for enquiry, lets have a rough idea about what is MDF sheet or board.

Click on the link (Video Format)


“MDF – MEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARD” which looks like wood. It is not only

used for making furniture. It is a very useful material for creating craft material, gift boxes, frames. It is very cost effective as compared to pure wood.


To make the gift boxes, we hardly need 5 days for making. We decided to do it using

MDF board which is used for internal packing. Gift box designing is also ready. Now, we need the basic requirement that is MDF board.


Initially the enquiry was started from our relatives, friends and colleagues. They are

given first preference and priority. My brother went straight away in search of MDF board in shops, its rate and also its quality.

Then I called to one of my uncle who has link with Glass and plywood shops to know whether he has the contact number of Tirupati plywood shop. But he did not have and he told that he will enquire and tell . Secondly, I called to my mom to enquire about Tirupati plywood shop itself. But she also don’t have the contact details. I enquired to my friend but he too did not get the source shop where this MDF board is available.

At last went to google, seeked it’s help and searched for plywood shops. Taken the

contact number of Ranka plywood and called to them but they did not receive the call.

Finally, I called to one of my friend Rajesh (who is an interior decor) to ask for any

known plywood shop contact number. I enquired him about the MDF sheet which will be placed at the back of the mirror, photo frame etc. He gave the contact number of “National Ji”. I called

to him and enquired about MDF board (2.5mm). He told that he has only 5.0mm MDF board because 2.5mm sheet will be easily broken in transportation. So, he have only5.0mm board.

My enquiry stopped with this. Let’s search and see…..Sure we will get it

somehow…. Did not lose the hope…


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