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Natural solid perfume is made out of essential oil. Essential oil based perfume give a pleasing and natural fragrance which is subtle and appropriate. They are 100% natural and alcohol free formulations.

One of the things that make our solid perfume such good value for money is that as they are so concentrated and delightfully rich in aroma. They are easy to carry while travelling.

They provide a fragrance that lasts, rather than the one that evaporates off your skin far too quickly. Added they are all vegan- friendly perfumes too.



A) Natural Bees wax - 11g

B) Cold pressed coconut oil - 20 to 28g

C) Shea butter - 10g


A) Baking soda - 14g

B) Corn starch - 14g

C) Arrow root powder - 16g


The Phase 1 contents [Natural Bees wax, cold pressed coconut oil and shea butter] are weighed and heated in a boiling water bath for 10 to 15 minutes for melting.

All the phase 2 contents are added immediately to the melted Phase 1 content and mixed well before it reaches the room temperature.

Check the temperature. When the temperature falls to 50℃, add the fragrance of our choice and blend it well. When the consistency is reached, pour it directly into the packing container (probably a small cream box).


Don’t add the fragrance when the temperature is high because it gets evaporated. ultimately the cream will be devoid of aroma.}

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