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PH of handmade soaps

I hope all might know about pH. The role of pH for a healthy glowing skin is already uploaded in our blog on April 15. The video for pH introduction is also uploaded in our youtube channel. You can click on the link to view the video format.

Anyhow let us brush up about pH. pH denotes the hydrogen ion concentration in a molecule. pH can be measured using pH scale, Which ranges from 0-14. The pH range from 0 to 6 is acidic, 7 is neutral, 8-14 is alkaline. In general, the pH of soap should be acidic.

In saponification process, when oil and sodium hydroxide or lye is mixed results in soap formation. At this juncture when pH is noted, it will be between 11-14 (i.e.,) alkaline. The normal pH range of soap is 7-9. The pH range between 10-14 is considered to be higher.

When the soap is used in this pH range directly, it results in skin problem. For those whose skin are more sensitive, it results in itching. So in order to overcome all this problem, we have to control and adjust the pH.

There are three ways to reduce and adjust the pH. They are,

i) Addition of milk/milk powder

ii) Super fatting

iii) Addition of citric acid

i. Addition of milk/milk powder:

In general pH of milk is acidic. It ranges from 6.5 to 6.7. In order to reduce the pH of soap, milk powder or goat milk powders are used which have acidic pH of 5.5. when this is added, pH of soap from 14 will be reduced to acidic pH and now the soap is ready to use.

ii. Super fatting:

Super fatting is nothing but addition of essential oils. If the percentage of oil used is high, it will reduce the pH. So the soap which is in basic pH will become acidic by the addition of essential oils.

“More the oil or fatty acid, better the chances of low-level pH.”

iii. Addition of citric acid:

If the pH is not reduced by the above two methods, then there is an important magic tip as they do in commercial soaps, citric acid is added to reduce the pH in the handmade soaps also.

So….. when to add the citric acid?

After mixing oil and Lye, citric acid is added because when oil and lye are mixed together heat will be generated during this saponification process. So that the citric acid will get well blended and therefore the pH will be reduced.

Now that you know your pH level should be slightly acidic, it is only proper that you use low-level pH soaps to match so as to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

The video format of this blog is available in the following link Video Format

“Choose the right way….

Have a healthy glowing skin….”

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