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The Absolute Turmeric handmade soap recipe

We're going to make a very simple yet a completely authentic turmeric handmade soap. This is going to be a very simple recipe and just about everyone can do this. So let's begin. View project in video format, click here The ingredients you're going to need for this project are : Palm Oil - 575g Coconut Oil - 300g Castor Oil - 125g Kasthuri Manjal - 20g Turmeric Fragrance - 30g (or) Turmeric Root Essential Oil - 50g 50% Lye Solution - 290g (or) Lye Flakes (NaOH) - 145g & Distilled Water - 145g Preparation : The preparation part involves preparing the lye solution with 145g of Sodium Hydroxide (Lye Flakes - NaOH) and 145g of Distilled Water. While we allow the lye solution to cool, weigh the oils and additives and setup the mold. The two major aspects that contribute to the soap are it's color and fragrance. Here, we're going to bring that color using Kasthuri Manjal as additive and our turmeric fragrance for the smell. Our turmeric fragrance is designed in such a way that it has less of a medicinal smell and the turmeric smell is provided as a top note which you can recognize while using the soap. Once the lye solution is at room temperature, pour the lye solution into the oils and start mixing slowly. Now start mixing the Kasthuri Manjal Powder. The mixture would turn brownish red in color but you needn't worry, the soap would eventually turn into the yellowish sandal resembling turmeric powder. Now that the color has been set, the next step is to add the fragrance or essential oil as you choose. I would suggest adding it as late in the process as possible which would help in keeping the fragrance in the product intact. Now all you have to do is check for trace and pour the soap batter into the mold.

Creating a turmeric handmade which will provide a touch of authenticity is as easy as that. I have provided the buy links for the ingredients used in the project below. Do comment if you have any doubts and make sure to tag us in the social medias so I can continue keeping you updated with new recipes. Hope you have a great day and Happy Soaping !! :) To buy Kasthuri Manjal - click here Turmeric Fragrance - click here Turmeric Root Essential Oil - click here Palm Oil - click here Coconut Oil - click here Castor Oil - click here Shop the kit - click here Soap Molds, Cutters and Jugs - click here

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