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What you should know Entrepreneur Vs Business Person

Do you know who is a business man? Or Do you know who is an Entrepreneur? Come on, let’s see who are they? And the difference between both.

First, let us see about business man,

Business Man:

There are two types of business man.

Type 1:

Person who has capital money for investment, invest and develops an infrastructure. He buys all the necessary machinery, employs man power and he starts running the industry. By which he earns some amount of monthly income continuously.

Type 2:

Person who does the service or he enters into the existing product company and does his service.

Let us clearly understand with an example.

If there is a lemon juice shop, the person who supplies lemon is s business man and the person who crushes it and give it in the form of juice is also a business man.


Person who does not have any capital money for investment. He provides new product which is not available in the market. He comes out with innovative idea and he chose a product on the following criteria,

· Product that attracts people.

· Product that is not available in the market.

· Product that gives solution for many problems in the society.

· He does a service or he brings a product.

I hope all might have got an idea about an entrepreneur or a business man. If a person thinks that he don’t want to take any risk and it is enough if he gets some amount of monthly income and if he has capital money for investment, he can opt for a business.

For example:

Myself is a textile technology graduate and my family members are also of textile background. According to the market need, we purchase 4 or 5 machines which is related with dyeing by investing 20 or 30 lakhs. It is enough if we have 5-10 clients to run the company. If the market value increase or decrease, business will just move on.

Person who does not have any capital money for investment, entrepreneurship is the best. He start searching from the first step. He searches for new products which is in high demand in the society. Innovation will be more and he can’t stick on to one idea.

He try out many ideas and do service for many products. Business will increase or decrease. If it decrease, there will be a total fall for an entrepreneur.

So he has to be more vigilant and active. He has to identify the problem and rectify it for his smooth going.


As in Shivaji movie, there are 2 paths. One is flower path and the other is lion path. Here business man comes under flower path, where he keeps on manufacture and it keeps moving which goes smoothly like a flower path. Whereas an entrepreneur comes under lion path, where he wants to be more cautious and he has to come out with new product and there should also be change in the product based on the customer needs.

A business man is a business man, but an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, an organizer, a risk taker, a manager at the same time. The former focused on competition, but the later gives emphasis on co-ordination and cooperation of all the resources.

Hope, that you might clearly know about business man and an entrepreneur. Now start doing self analysis and categorize yourself whether you are a business man or an entrepreneur.

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“ Never start a business just to make money.

Start a business to make a difference”.

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