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Yeah! We Gonna for Reviewing “Packaging”

“Packaging” is the art, science and technology of enclosing products for sale and use. It is the process of designing, evaluating and producing packages. In other words, ”packaging is more than just your products pretty face”. When designing packaging, always keep your end – consumer in mind.

The good news is that now with digital printing, it is quick and flexible making it perfect for marketing needs. As a part of my curriculum, we are going to review about others packaging. Those who are intended for reviewing can send your products to us.

Come on, let’s have a look with one such product. It’s a pediatric soap manufactured by ‘LOTUS HERBAL’. Let’s see step by step how to review about the packaging.


Color is very attractive. They had used three colors Yellow (80%), dark brown (20%) and violet (10%). Percentage of colors are used correctly which follows the rule of using colors in packaging.

· 10% of violet is used in highlighting the brand name and the benefits of the soap.

· 20% of dark brown is used for mentioning other information.

· 80% of yellow is used as a major background color.


As it is a pediatric soap, a baby photo with a happy face playing with the bubbles is printed on one side of the packed soap. This is very catchy and attracts the customer, It’s also a premium soap with 75% rating. ”No harmful chemicals” used ,”pediatrician recommended” both this are aptly highlighted at correct place.


A slight embossing is seen on the printed baby photo. So, spot lamination is done in the baby photo which gives enhancing effect to the packaging.


Thick box is used for wrapping of the soap. Soap is wrapped neatly and separately using a cover. It also locks nicely but there are two drawback in this.

· ‘U’ cut is not there in the box. If it is there, it will be easy to open the box.

· The box is little and compact. It would be better if it is a little larger box.

Thus the packaging of “Lotus herbal soap” is reviewed. So, it can be given 8 out of 10. Thus reviewing the packaging is a simple and easy process. This also attracts the customer and enhances the marketing of the product.

“ PACKAGING” is making your product stand out from the competition.

“Good packaging protects your product.”

“Great packaging protects your brand”.

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