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Soaps come in different sizes and shapes, scented or unscented, with or without any colorants. We all use soaps daily for washing our hands, bathing etc. There are moisturizing soaps, facial soaps, deodorizing soaps, antimicrobial soaps, beauty bars, and many others. However, all soaps are not prepared in the same way. In general, there are two types of soap, the handmade natural soaps, and the commercially made soaps. Natural soaps are made by cold process method whereas commercial soaps are made by hot process method.

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Commercial soap are not soap… they are synthetic detergents that contain dyes, chemical based colorants, preservatives which can wreak havoc on our sensitive skin and leads to water pollution.

Commercial soaps are mass produced by large multinational companies with factories all over the globe. This mass production can result in environmental waste and degradation as well as poor living conditions for thousands of people world wide.

Commercial soap prices are less when compared to hand made soap because the glycerin formed is removed. Glycerin is a humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin creating a protective layer that helps prevent drying. This reduces the moisture content and makes the skin dry.Glycerin is a highly profitable substance, often sold to other companies who use it to make lotions and moisturizers.


Handmade soap price is more because it is handmade, added it also has more health benefits. Even many of them are employed which boost the local economy. As handmade soap are not mass produced, the environmental impact is also reduced.


As the moisture content is maintained, the price of handmade soap is more. If the moisture content is not maintained, the skin becomes dry resulting in itching and crack formation.

This gives white scaly appearance to the skin. Due to this, the bacteria can easily penetrate through the crack and leads to infections, psoriasis etc.

To overcome all these problem, follow this proverb “A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE” which means avoid using ailments for infections rather follow the simple steps.

  1. · Use handmade moisturizing soap, moisturizing cream.

  2. · Do not take too hot water shower.

  3. · Do not bath for 10 minutes. It removes the oil content in our skin.

  4. · Pat dry with your towel to rub off water.

  5. · Drink lots of water.

I like to conclude by conveying that the best soap is handmade cold processed soapwhich is not made from synthetic detergents but organic, plant oils (olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils) and natural fragrances.

The ingredients are chosen for their benefits and natural healing abilities. That is why natural soap is so good for your skin. Each recipe is hand prepared, hand cut, inspected and packaged individually.

Natural soap is better for the environment because everything used in production and the final product is 100% biodegradable.

I hope your clear about choosing the correct soap for your skin.

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