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Creams are thicker semi-solid emulsion and it is a product of an emulsion of a water phase and an oil phase. In general oil and water never mix with each other. The process of mixing water phase and oil phase using an emulsifier results in cream formation. This process is called emulsification.

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Cold processed cream was prepared in huge amount. Initially creamy texture was obtained but after a while the oil alone separates out and it floats above. Because of this, creamy consistency is not acquired. As it is prepared in huge amount, can this problem be reversed or rectified?


The problem is mainly because of the failure in the emulsion process. This happened because of the blender and the quantity of oil used.

  • First mistake done is huge quantity of cream cannot be prepared. For good results, only little quantity has to be initiated.

  • Secondly, the quantity of oil measured is double the quantity and it is excess too. Example: for 400g of cream, 80-90g of oil is enough.

  • Thirdly, usage of blender for cream making also creates this problem.

  • If blending is not done properly, emulsion does not happened properly. If cream has to be prepared in large quantity, normal blender or power blender is not suitable. For uniform emulsion, shear mixer has to be used. 200-300g of cream itself can’t be emulsified using a normal blender. The limit of normal blender is only 50-150g.

For already prepared cream, the emulsion problem can’t be rectified and reversed. Having belief in us, you had asked for a remedy. We are sure to help you in any ways. Our chemist are working on this problem to get a good solution. Once the solution is arrived, we will get back to you and update you.

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