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Moisturizing Sandal soap topped with Argan Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil & added butters | Soap Kitchen

If you succumbed to this Nobel and challenging hobby of making customized soaps and cosmetics , join our hands and start up your journey. The soap we are using can be customized according to our need. Are you looking for a unique, high quality soap that nourishes your skin. Are you seeking a custom soap manufacturer who uses high quality ingredients??

Reach us ( create your ideal custom bar using wide variety of fresh ingredients, herbs, essential oils and high quality base oils.

We had newly launched “Soap kitchen” where oils and perfumes used in soap making can be customized based on customer'swish. This extra moisturizingsoap is specially ordered by an IT professional because their skin will be too dry as they are exposed to air conditioner for a longer period.Come on let’s have a glance on the ingredients for preparing our customized soap..

If u want to watch making this preparation, just click here

Lets see our requirements for the preparation.


These raw material for soap making can be obtained from your doorstep itself. visit

For this soap making, we need some equipment’s which are as follows,


1. 500ML BEAKER - 2 NOS

2. 100ML BEALER - 3 NOS





As we all know naturally Coconut oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Lets take 200g of coconut oil in the beaker.

Measure 550g of pomace olive oil(natural cleanser) and is added to the coconut oil. 10% of melted cocoa butter which increases the blood flow in the skin and protect against sun damage is added to the above oil mixture.

An exotic sweet mango butter(15%) which is loaded with vitamin A and E is also added to the above mixture for the extra moisturization.

Moroccan argan oil which is a rich source of vitamin E reduces the signs of ageing and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Extra virgin coconut oil which is extracted from coconut milk maintains firmness, elasticity and lightens dark pitches in the skin.

50g of argan oil and 50g of extra virgin coconut oil are added as toppings.

280g of liquid lye solution (50% concentration) is measured in the separate beaker.

To make 12(100g soap), 30g of sandal perfume liquid is mixed to lye solution. Then only the perfume lasts for a longer period. All the contents are mixed thoroughly using a power blender till the consistency is obtained. It is then poured into the mold for curing.

Finally add red wine soap base cubes over the top layer of the soap for decorative purpose. For more clarifications,click on the YouTube link

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