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FAST TRACE - culprit exposed

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Fragrances are chemical compounds used for giving rich aroma to the food and cosmetics. Fragrance itself will provoke the customers to buy the products. So it plays a vital role in food and cosmetics. Even addition of these fragrances has some disadvantages. Proper temperature and composition of the fragrance has to be considered. Most of the people face the problem of tracing while adding the fragrance in soap making. When this fragrance is added to the cold processed soaps, it becomes hard before pouring it. By doing research, we had identified the reason for this fast tracing of the fragrances. The main culprit is EUGINOL,

a chemical compound which has clove smell by nature. For this reason, this Euginol is added in fragrances.

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THE PROCESS : This chemical in fragrances makes the soap solution harder before it is poured in moulds. The tracing process is demonstrated by simple soap making procedure. This soap making process is not going to be in detail. Lye solution is taken in a beaker and coconut oil is mixed to it. Mix it thoroughly and continuously. Generally, coconut oil takes more time for tracing. Stir it till it becomes thick. When it comes to a consistency, add 25ml of pure Euginol to this mixture. Immediately it becomes hard before pouring it. So to avoid this problem, use fragrance devoid of Euginol. The reason for this tracing of Euginol is because of the presence of more acidic proton in it.Euginol alone is not the culprit there are two or three more chemical compounds which gives sweet smell to the fragrance. These compounds also hardens the soap solution which we will see in the upcoming videos. So avoid using such chemical fragrances to overcome this fast tracing problems.

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