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”Mistakes might not give you answers. But they give you questions for a greater answer.” In that way, one of our customers has faced a problem while making soap. The customer doubt is sent as text or voice message to our company number.

The remedy for their problem is sent back as voice message as well as it is uploaded in our YouTube channel (sacred fig).

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The customer has prepared 1 kg charcoal soap and 1 kg multanimetti soap. The customer has given the recipe.

  1. Coconut oil – 350g

  2. Palm oil – 350g

  3. Olive oil – 100g

  4. Castor oil – 50g

  5. Shea butter – 150g

Initially coconut oil and palm oil are melted and while adding shea butter, it becomes hard before it reaches the room temperature. So couldn’t able to identify whether tracing happened or not. As a result, the preparation mixture is taken in a spoon and placed in the mold. After a day, there were droplets found upon the soap. Doesn’t know whether it is oil or water droplets. Added, the soap so formed is sticky in nature. Why is it like this? Whether it will go off after 30 days?


First and foremost point that everyone has to understand is that whatever material is hard by nature at room temperature after melting, if it is allowed to cool it naturally hardens. This is because the nature of the material is hard. In order to avoid this hardening, the soap has to be prepared in slight warm temperature.

The oils and butter has to be heated and melted. In the same way, the lye solution also has to be heated a little or if water is poured into lye solution, it becomes warm. Bring the oil and butter to warm temperature. Then mix oil and lye solution to prepare the soap. By doing so, you can get rid of the hardness problem.

The droplets that is seen over the soap is not water, it is oil only and it seems to be very little in size. After curing process, it normally settles and cannot see any more droplets.

Rectify your mistakes and follow the above guidelines to get a wonderful result. We are always there to support, guide, assist and help you in soap making technique. Let’s all be connected through our links. Join us in any one of the link and we are ready to guide you in all the aspects related to cosmetic product manufacture.


Happy soaping!!!

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