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Learn a practical skill, create gifts and let your creativity run loose all at the same time by taking up the art of soap making.

The chemical reaction between lye solution and any oil is called saponification which forms soap and glycerine.Weight vs.

Volume is a recurring question that many soapers, lotion makers and general crafters have grappled with in the pursuit to make the perfect product. In all my years of soaping, the weight versus volume question has been the one that I (and our customer service team) have gotten the most.

Onces, as a unit of measurement, are used to quantify both weight and volume. The difference is slight but very important!

Quantity measurement plays an important role in making soap. Especially cup measurements don’t work properly.

Most of them face problems like softening or hardening of soap or the proper consistency is not acquired. Using weight measurement is very important when it comes to soap making.

This is mainly because ofcup measurement which is proved by a simple demo. Click the link to watch the demo

How To Make Handmade Soaps!!The Right way For Everybatch


3. Water

5. Glass Tumblers – 4 nos.



Weight is determined by the heaviness, or mass (Density), of the particular item, and is measured with the use of a scale.


Volume is the amount of space occupied by any taken substance eg.,oil

Both weight and volume plays a vital role in soap making. To make out the difference lets have a brush up with this small demo.

Same level of coconut oil, castor oil, water and lye solution (50%) are taken separately in four plain glasses. when each glass is weighed separately, the weight varies for each solution.

Even though the level is same, the weight differs. This is because the density of oil, water and lye solution varies. So only most of them face problems when they opt for cup measurement in soap making. So avoid using cup measurement and weigh every requirements in grams.

This is the right way for making hand made soaps in correct consistency.For soap making, we would recommend using weighted measurements . Using a scale is much more accurate and will ensure that you have a quality batch of soap. Otherwise, you may accidentally do something to mess up your soaps.

Soap making workshops are conducted every weekend on Saturdays at Erode for better learning purpose. Interested Entrepreneurs can register in the link for gaining immense resource from the workshop and become successful entrepreneurs.


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