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How to make Different types of soaps in Single batch?


I am going to call what I do single – batching since its on a much smaller scale. Its really pretty simple, you just need to make sure you calculate all the amounts correctly. As we all know Soaps are a mandatory cleansing agent and is one of the most essential elements of our personal hygiene. Its time to lather up and produce different types of soap that are classified according to usage, form, ingredients and the method of manufacturing them. Now we are going to prepare Anti – acne soaps, orange soaps, Turmeric soaps, Charcoal soaps in a single batch itself. Before going into the preparation, lets have a simple intro about the different types of soaps that we are going to prepare.

ANTI – ACNE SOAPS are the medicated form of soaps used to treat moderate acne by reducing the amount of acne causing bacteria.

ORANGE PEEL SOAPS are rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties which tend to detoxify the skin, cleanse, lighten and brighten the skin.

TURMERIC SOAPS are natural antiseptic and has strong anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe the skin.

CHARCOAL SOAPS are excellent exfoliate with the ability to remove dead skin cells and treats dry and cracked skin.

If u want to watch making this preparation, just click here

Lets see our requirements for the preparation.


BASE OILS: (Measurements for 1 kg of soap)


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1. 500ML BEAKER - 7 NOS

2. 100ML BEALER - 3 NOS



5. MOLD - 4 NOS


For making different types of soaps, initially basic preparation has to be done. Then we have to proceed with the soap molding procedures.


Measure all the base oils for 5kg and mix lye solution to the oil and power blend it well. This is the basic preparation which acts as a base for all the soaps. Come on lets use our innovations and dive into the soap making process.

a) Anti – acne soap:

Now measure only 1kg of basic preparation and add pre-prepared Anti-acne solution to that and stir it well using a blender.Pour it into the mold for curing process.

b) Double – layered soap:

· Measure 2 kg of basic preparation and mix vapor dried orange peel powder to it. Blend it well and pour only 1kg of the mixture into two separate molds (A & B)

· Vapor dried turmeric powder is added to the remaining 1kg of basic mixture and blend it completely.

· Layer half kg over the A mold and leave it aside for curing. Pour the remaining half kg as patches over the B mold and swirl it using a spoon which gives a sandwich like appearance to the soap.

c) Charcoal soap:

Charcoal powder is measured and mixed it in the remaining basic preparation. Blend it nicely and finally pour it in the mold for curing.

Fourdifferent types of soaps (Anti – acne soaps, orange soaps, Turmeric soaps, Charcoal soaps) that are rich in medicinal properties are prepared in a single batch which is less time consuming and energy consuming too.

If u want to watch making this preparation, just click here (Youtube Channel). Want daily soapy tips and tricks? Follow us on YouTube (Sacred Fig) where I share helpful pointers on every handmade cosmetic products. Enrich yourself with soap making skill by registering in the weekend workshop and Order the ingredients from our supplier society website to prepare soap. Enjoy making DIY project in your home itself. Happy soaping!!

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