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“Knowledge is having the right answer.

Intelligence is asking the right question”

So its better to ask a question than to remain ignorant. All the questions asked by the viewers will be answered on daily basis. Kindly send a “message” or a “why note” to the number 8838303139. All the question will be answered in the form of video which will be sent to your respective numbers.

“Is soap making hard???”

Soap making is NOT hard. It doesn’t have to be stressful. It is very easy. Well, I think so! If you like baking, you will LOVE soap making.

They are very similar in my mind. You start with a basic recipe and can customize the color, design, and fragrance. Addition of lye solution to any oil will give you soap and glycerin. As we all know this process is known as saponification.

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Lye solution + oil à soap + glycerin

Making your own handmade soap is FUN!. So designing a soap is fun. The actual making of it… not as fun. You have to be very precise, weigh your ingredients exactly, and you have to be VERY careful.

After mixing up all the ingredients in the correct proportion set it overnight for curing and in the morning you can cut your bars and you are done with your expecting outcome. The sense of accomplishment from soap making is high. Of course there is nothing like the pride and satisfaction you get at the end of a project.

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But it is easy to make mistakes when you first start out. For customized soap making need training, patience sounds lot of R&D and a guidance from an expertise. The main advantage of handmade soap is that we can control all the process in soap making at any level of its preparation.

For example:

a) After 6 hours of bathing, the skin may become oily which can be overcome by change of oil or addition of some essential oils or butter.

b) Using coconut oil in soap removes dirt but it becomes too dry. Because coconut oil is 100-1000 times more alkaline than the skin and it is too saturated. While it still… “provides protection, it ends up acting more like a plastic bag on the skin”. So the coconut oil does not allow the skin cells to breath or detoxify.

This problem can be controlled by using pomace olive oil or palm oil or any other oil which best suits our skin. Like this, we can customize the ingredients according to our skin tone. So, as said before soap making is not a hard process it is a creative process.

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