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Just Copy Gift Box Wood - Cutting Trials

Gift boxes are a major type in the packaging industry with the increase in consumption levels, consumers are increasingly demanding gift boxes, the market prospects are also improving.

The wrapping sheet over the gift box has to be printed. Cutting is a more important part for making gift boxes. Gift box cutting machines are available with high precision and fast speed, it can cut various complex box shapes very well. It is the preferred equipment for many gift box proofing studios and factories.

After the box is cut, the printed wallpaper should be mounted around the gift box. Finally, if you need to punch holes, the holes can be punched to place the magnet and its respective washer. Knowing the above protocol, we stepped into cutting trials to make gift box using MDF board.

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Somehow at last after the enquiry, we purchased MDF board and we took one full length board for making the box. According to our design, the measurements are correctly done and marked in the board. Let us see step by step,

  • A rectangular frame was cut horizontally say about 10cm width with MDF board cutter.

  • In the above cut frame, again 5cm rectangular frame was cut horizontally with the cutter.

  • This 5cm wide rectangular frame is cut into many smaller frames with two measurements (5cm length and 3cm width; 5cm length 6cm width) with small cutting machine.

  • These small frames with two measurements are arranged alternatively with two pieces each over the sticker type wallpaper and folded to make the box.

  • We attempted the trial, but the box was not molded perfectly.

“NO PAIN NO GAIN” from this saying there will not be any gain without pain. So,

“HARD WORK LEADS TO SUCCESS”. We keep trying and will never give up until we

reach our target.

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