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Making a moisturizing cream is not as hard as you might think. Here's how

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hello and welcome to yet another DIY project. I can still remember being shocked when I came to know how easy it is to make an awesome cream and I believe you will feel the same too by the time I am done explaining this project. So, to begin with, following are the ingredients which I have split into Oil phase and Water phase which I will explain later on. View this project in video format Ingredients for approximately 250g of cream For Oil phase: 1. Cocoa Butter - 40g 2. Pomace Olive Oil - 80g 3. Emulsifying Wax - 40g

For Water phase: 1. Distilled Water - 300g 2. Glycerin - 80g Fragrance or Essential Oil of choice Tools : 1. Blender (preferably a power blender) 2. Jug 1ltr Capacity - 2 nos 3. Water bath setup 4. Weigh Scale

Creams are essentially an amalgamation of water, glycerin, oils and butters. However, as you might already know, oils and water does not mix readily. Mixing two immiscible liquids together is a process called emulsification and as you may have guessed is the primary purpose emulsifying wax in this recipe. An additional point to keep in mind is that you can modify the oils and butters in the recipe as you like. Based on the type of oils and butter you choose, the texture and heaviness of the end result cream would vary. That being said let's begin with the preparation of the cream. Preparation : To begin with, weigh the water phase and oil phase ingredients in 2 separate jugs as provided in the ingredients section above. The next step to do is to heat both the phases in a water bath. A water bath essentially means not applying direct heat to both the phases but placing them in a water filled pot that is being heated to maintain an even temperature. Continue this until the butter(s) in the oil phase is melted. Once they are melted, pour the water phase into the oil phase and start blending while they are both in the same temperature. Once the mixture has been blended well, allow it to cool or refrigerate it for 20-30 minutes. After taking it out of the refrigerator, blend the mixture again well and an awesome cream base is ready. Now you can add the fragrance or essential oil of choice and mix them to get a ready to use moisturizing cream. To make the items more accessible I have listed below the ingredients and their buy links. Hope you find it useful. Make sure to tag us with your finished products on Instagram and Facebook. Would mean a lot :) To buy Cocoa Butter - click here Pomace Olive Oil - click here Emulsifying Wax - click here Explore our range of Fragrances and Blends - here Explore our collection of Essential Oils - here #suppliersociety #DIY

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