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Shop Anywhere... Shop Local!

Welcome all !!! It’s so easy to open up a laptop and shop at online but it’s not doing good to our community. I think people tend to forget how much small businesses are a part of their community and help out in so many different ways. It leads to the upliftment of the society and also individual growth expands.

One fine morning, my mom went to buy vegetables. Often she goes to Ambani shop to buy onion and tomato as the prices are little less when compared to the nearby shops. But actually, this is not necessary. Let us see why? And see the hidden reason behind this huge marketing with some examples.

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A sudden boom ‘JIO’ came into the society. Among 5 to 6 well known networks, initially they gave free SIM, free talk time and attracted most of the customer. Once they covered many customers, gradually they increased their recharge amount. Now the recharge is for Rs.600/-.

They may even increase up to Rs.1000/-. But the thing is, there is no competitor except Airtel. So, the same concept is used in the case of vegetable also. Initially, all the big shops will provide vegetables at low cost to grab the customers. Once they are did with that, the prices will come equal to the market rate.


Our district is famous for textiles. One of my friend has dealership with Reliance. He designs and produces T-shirt for Rs.75/-, which directly goes to Reliance shop for sale. There they sale it for Rs.99/-. It’s quite a good rate. So, here as they directly deals, the loss is for the in between local sellers.

The product comes directly from the manufacturer to the seller and there is a considerable loss for them. This continues till total loss happens for the local sellers. Once this is achieved, there will be a remarkable increase in the T- shirt price. For example., T- shirt which is sold for Rs.99/- will be increased thrice the selling price. This is what happens in reality.


All the big shops are in a plan to convert all the small grocery shops in their name. This is not only done by Reliance, all the major big big shops are in this plan only. So, all the citizens can opt for small local shops instead of going for big shops. 3 or 5 rupees may be high but that will not make much difference. Once for all, everybody try to purchase grocery items, oil, soap from the nearby small local shops by which we can reduce the transportation charges and increase their earnings which would help them a lot.

So that local economy will be maintained. In future, all the small shops will come under a big shop. As an individual, if we increase the local economy, we can postpone the former one that is “All under one roof”. Last but not the least, let’s join hands to promote the business for little shops and make their dreams come true.


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